Too Sick

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Too sick to sleep . . . tossed and turned all night long.

Too sick to make my family a ‘Snow Day’ breakfast . . . I’m attached to the couch.

Too sick to play a board game . . . the tissue keep getting in my way.

Too sick to get a jump-start on laundry . . . can’t stand long enough to fold it.

Too sick to make phone calls to long-distance friends . . . no voice to speak.

Too sick to catch up on school paperwork . . . I just can’t concentrate.

Too sick to crack open a new book . . . reading with a migraine  not possible.

Too sick to bake cookies . . . no one wants my germs.

Not too sick to slice . . . keeping up with my challenge!


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Wife, Mother, Dog Lover, Elementary Assistant Principal excited to write

6 thoughts on “Too Sick

  1. Here is my medicine: ask someone in the house to boil a kettle of water. Into to water grate an inch of ginger (no need to peel). Add lemon juice and honey. If you like such things (which I don’t), add cayenne powder. Let it steep a few minutes. Stir. Use a strainer to catch ginger peel. Drink. Then drink again and again.


  2. I love the ladder effect of the text position! Your last line shows just how dedicated you are as a slicer!

    “Not too sick to slice . . . keeping up with my challenge!”

    Hoping you can honestly say that you are not too sick very soon!

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