Teacher Evaluation

2As I was about to enter a coaching classroom, I was greeted by a very enthusiastic ‘former’ student.  This student shared with me that as ‘acting principal for the day’ (she won this title at the school auction), she would be evaluating my work.  A little surprised, I wondered if this energetic eight year old even understood the job of an instructional math coach.  

I took a deep breath and followed the ‘acting principal’ into the kindergarten classroom.  Out of the corner of my eye, I couldn’t help but notice Ms. S. typing feverishly on her Chromebook all while checking her watch and keeping an ear out for a call on her walkie talkie.  What could she possibly be typing . . .  ? 

Formal Observation of Mrs. Austin                 

What I see Mrs. Austin do . . .

  • makes sure the kids are paying attention
  • helps the kids if their having a hard time
  • gives the kids encouragement/ for example pulling the kids away to play a game 

What I hear Mrs. Austin say . . .

  • saying positive things
  • gives the teacher tips 

What I see the kindergartners doing . . .

  • facing the wrong way
  • when they get it they use a strategy
  • sometimes gets the right answers
  • dilly dallying around
  • passes out you matter cards to people that deserve them during the activity at their seats

What I hear the kindergartners saying . . .

  • mumbles what they say
  • yelling out a lot of yelling out
  • the whole class has a great vocabulary
  • get’s words right
  • talking to much when not supposed to 

Overall, this student gave me a final score of 10 out of a possible 10.  Her final comment stated,

“To get a better score you need to mabey interact more with the children. You could give the teacher some more tips. Over all you did a great job doing your job.” 

As I reflect about my role as an instructional math coach and the evaluation I received from an eight year old today, there is something to be learned from her feedback.

  • Kindergarten students SHOULD talk a lot!
  • Kindergartners SHOULD use great math vocabulary. 
  • Coaches SHOULD interact with the children and give the teacher more tips!  

Not a bad evaluation from a third grader.


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