A Playdate with Marshall


Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 11.43.59 PM.pngWe had about two hours before we had to return to Garrett’s preschool.  In 120 minutes, I knew I could tackle the piles of laundry, wash the dishes filling the kitchen sink, and change the linens on the beds. With both boys in school, I could move mountains.  Yet when we got into the car and Eliza suggested a playdate with Marshall, my heart knew that the chores could all wait; at least for a few hours.  I made myself comfortable on a centrally located bench while three-year old Eliza clicked and clacked up and down the aisles, sporting the highest and most glamorous heals on the shelves.

Eliza no longer begs for playdates with Marshall.  A mountain of  laundry still exists, dishes continue to fill the kitchen sink, and five beds are still unmade.  Eliza’s feet now fill those high-healed shoes.  Rather than playdates with Marshall, my teenage daughter and I now spend hours at Marshalls purchasing those once playful shoes.  




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