Finding My Balance

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 4.48.45 PMSince January, I have been focusing on my one word, 


 It has been incredibly challenging; actually impossible.  Every day, I am trying to balance ‘me’ with so many other responsibilities and obligations . . . work, family, caregiving, friends, career aspirations, to name a few.  

“It’s up to me to find my happy balance,” is the mantra I repeat many times throughout my day.  Unfortunately, I’m not so good at living this mantra.

  • I try so hard to prioritize my work tasks; determining tasks of greatest importance.
  • I structure my time at work and home, keeping a very detailed, possibly even obsessive, calendar.
  • I try to make use of the weekend to catch up and recharge.
  • I try to work smarter, not harder.

This afternoon, as I was trying to ‘fit one more thing’ into my already scheduled day, I am proud to say that I actually lived up to my mantra.  Knowing that I had a date with my husband, I remembered my balance.  I took the time to actually go home, take a mental break, and post my slice rather than fitting in that one more responsibility. 

Slice of Life, you helped me find my happy balance . . . at least for today. 

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3 thoughts on “Finding My Balance

  1. Balance is tough and just when you think, oh I’ve got it. I have some time for myself, my partner, my child, whomever it may be, usually something stupid and incidental happens that throws all awry. I hope it all works out for you. Un abrazo.

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