Challenges as Opportunities

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 11.58.09 PMIn the midst of this year’s Slice of Life Challenge, I happened to come upon an article, 4 Benefits of Facing Challenges, that said when facing challenges, one should consider that challenges are really opportunities.  Challenges “call for creativity, make you stronger, keep you humble, and amplify your achievements.”  To me, the Slice of Life Challenge was just that.

What an incredible opportunity I experienced the last 31 days.  This year I had:

  • 595 ‘total views’ averaging 22 views a post
  • 142 ‘total comments’ averaging 5 comments a post

I am not confident as a writer, so I find posting late at night much ‘safer.’  However, I did catch myself always wondering if my posts were being read.  I surprised myself when I felt a sense of excitement any time my ‘Recent Views’ exceeded 10.  There were even a few times when my ‘Recent View’ numbers went beyond 20.  I actually blushed on the few instances that my numbers surpassed 30.

Reflecting about my posts this past month, I can say for certain that I have definitely grown as a writer.  Although it continues to take me time to get started each night, I find that once I get started, most of the time I can Just Write; I no longer get caught in the cycle of deleting, re-writing, and deleting quite as much.  As the month went on, I even began to experiment with incorporating dialogue into my writing.

My Heart is so Heavy earned 67 Recent Views.  I wrote this slice literally in the moment of learning that a good friend passed away.  I posted the slice on my friend’s Facebook timeline, which explains why there were so many views.  Perhaps my slice brought comfort to Terry’s family and friends.

12 people commented on How About a Little Math?!   I was ‘stuck’ for an idea, so I wrote something that was safe for me; MATH.  The comments were interesting and hopefully even gave fellow slicers a challenge opportunity!

Writing If You Give a Mom a Sponge really helped me laugh when all I wanted to do was cry.

I struggled to write Just Press Talk and Stage 5? because the reality of being the caregiver for my best friend who lives each minute of every day battling Alzheimers is becoming more and more of a burden each day.  I desperately want to go back to the days when we were just friends.

I tried to make light of an embarrassing moment by slicing Sometimes Layers are Just Not Enough.  As horrified as I am thinking of my airplane behavior, at least I know that I wrote a pretty humorous Slice of Life and may have even made a few readers laugh.

I find myself re-reading Play Ball, A Playdate with Marshall, The Cabinet on 17 Hillside Avenue, and Two Bites simply because they bring me joy.

Avoiding the Reflection and Childhood Cut Short were two of the most challenging pieces that I wrote this year.  Actually writing the slice was not at all a challenge.  However, once I hit publish and the slice went public,  I was exhausted mentally and physically.

I turned to fellow slicers for inspiration; what an awesome writing community.  What an incredible opportunity for me.

Until next year, I’m off!




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