I’ve reached that point . . . you know, the time in your life where you are constantly faced with a certain conundrum . . . 

Reading a new recipe, glasses on . . . turning on the mixer, glasses off!
Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 4.42.54 PM
Reading the marking on the measuring cup, glasses on . . . returning the eggs to the refrigerator, glasses off!

Reading the text from your teenage daughter (who happens to be just upstairs), glasses on . . . getting the mixer from the pantry, glasses off!

Responding to your daughter’s text, glasses on . . .  refilling my coffee cup, glasses off!

Reading the next step on the recipe, glasses on . . . cutting dough, glasses off!

Reading the timing of the scones, glasses on . . . putting the tray into the oven, glasses off!  

Dialing my mother’s phone number, glasses on . . . walking to the couch, glasses off!

Responding to the call of the oven timer . . . 

Enjoying the deliciousness of a morning scone . . . 

Drinking a quiet cup of coffee . . .

glasses off . . . 

at least for the next minute!



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Wife, Mother, Dog Lover, Elementary Assistant Principal excited to write

8 thoughts on “Conundrum

  1. I’m sitting here with glasses on, and I SO appreciate this conundrum. I get to decide each day whether to do contacts and see far away or no contacts and see close up. I love getting old.

    Glad you’re slicing!

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  2. This is so beautiful. We baked the scone with you. I can relate to the glasses off and on too. I solved it by hanging it on a string around my neck as I spent too much time looking for it. You have solved a problem for me…the fact that we can write about everything in such a creative way. Well done!

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  3. When I hit 40 (many moons ago), I needed 2 sets of glasses–one for far and one for near. Broke down and merged them, but not without spending a lot of $ so no one would know I wore bi-focals–as if… THANKS for the slice!

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