The Power of the Pause

My ‘one word’ this year is pause.  Since January, I have been intentional about taking time to pause; mostly before reacting or responding to situations and people.  I am realizing that in my pause, I tend to refrain from making unnecessary comments.  By pausing, I take a moment and think to myself, “Is my comment appropriate?  What is the intent?  What are possible consequences?”  Pausing actually allows me to be a better listener.

Pause . . . think . . . then speak.

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12 thoughts on “The Power of the Pause

  1. Georgia, that is a powerful word. Hopefully there are also pauses to give you time to breathe and do what you love, as well. It is powerful to be the one who doesn’t react in the heat of the moment, and as an assistant principal, I am sure this is absolutely vital for you. Nice post!

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  2. “Pause” is indeed an excellent choice. One that likely leads to more positive interactions with people in your life. Thank you for this…I might have to make this my secondary OLW!

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  3. Love it!!! I am trained in the RULER approach from Yale and that is one big tool in social emotional learning. Taking that Meta-Moment. I am trying to do that too…I have to really get better at it with my husband. I am a questioner and always have a comment when he says something… many times while he is still talking. Ugh!

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