Wonder Worries

I have never had to wonder where I was going to get my next meal or how I was going to get it.  I can’t imagine this wonder or worry; especially being a mom.

Schools closed; students hungry.  Students wonder where; students worry how.

On social media, parents are posting schedules of how they are going to ‘homeschool/remotely/digitally’ their students in the upcoming weeks.  What isn’t posted on social media are ways so many families are going to feed their children.  

Schools are closed; students are hungry.  Students are wondering;  Students are worrying. 

Like so many districts throughout Connecticut, my district took the wonder and the worry away from families and students and organized an alternative way to get food to children. 

Today, I experienced ‘gratitude’ firsthand as I had the opportunity to hand off hundreds of Grab and Go breakfasts and lunches to students under the age of 18.  I asked, “How many children are you feeding?” and based off of the response, I simply handed off the appropriate number of bags; no further questions asked. 


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2 thoughts on “Wonder Worries

  1. I wrote about this the other day. It’s so hard. Luckily social media is pulling together around here and posting resources. Where free breakfasts and lunches are being offered and where the closest food pantries are located. I pray the message reaches the right people.

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