Just One of My Worries

I thought of you first thing this morning when I sat down to enjoy my morning coffee and had to shift my weight from when you poked me with that broken popsicle stick.

I thought of you when I applied moisturizer on my leg and felt the bruise on my ankle from when you kicked me so hard. 

I thought of you when I packed a bag of grapes remembering how you squished yours and then told me your snack was spoiled. 

I thought of you when I walked into my office and saw our unfinished Othello game on my table; I was getting beat by a five year old.  

I thought of you when I was handing out lunches at the ‘Grab and Go Lunch’ drive hoping that perhaps I would see you.

I thought of you when I was driving home and heard ‘Old Town Road’ on the radio knowing that is the song that helps you when you are feeling beyond angry.

I thought of you when I dropped a glass and it shattered remembering the sound of my clock shattering when you threw it across my office.

I thought of you when my daughter thanked me for preparing dinner; you always thank me for giving you goldfish every day.  

I thought of you when my son said goodnight wondering if you were playing Grand Theft Auto or heading to bed yourself.

I will think of you as I drift off to sleep wondering . . .

Is anyone giving you your medicine?

Are you safe?  

Have you eaten?

Are you alone?   

Are you sleeping?

I miss you.  

I worry about you.  

I can’t wait to see you again soon. 




Published by georgiaaustin1

Wife, Mother, Dog Lover, Elementary Assistant Principal excited to write

4 thoughts on “Just One of My Worries

  1. Wow! This piece speaks to my heart as I consider a child in my class. Thank you for your vivid images that help me to think about him, and quite frankly to say a quick prayer for him.

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  2. Your poem has a beautiful rhythm to it and a sadness. At first I thought maybe you were referring to your dad, but then I thought not. Then, I realized it doesn’t matter who it is your talking about…. it’s almost universal.

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  3. Oh my gosh… this made me cry! I knew from the second line that it would be about a student. The repetition and your use of the many moments… positive and negative… real bring out emotion. I am worried about all my kids, but there are definitely a few more that I am thinking about.

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