Last One Standing

“Mom, the game starts in a half hour.  We’re playing at 9:00.” Zach told me.  “Are you sure you want to play.  It’s gonna be me and five of my friends.  But Auntie Susan and Auntie Jen are gong to play too, so you aren’t the only one.  It’s a $10.00 buy in.  You can just Venmo me the money.”

With that, so many things caused me to wonder . . . The only one what? Venmo?  How long would the game take?  I still have a slice . . . 

“Mom, Mom, it’s your bid!”  Definitely not my preferred way to be woken up.  

Without really looking at my hand, I scanned the bottom of my computer screen 

BID – – CHECK – – BET – – RAISE – – FOLD

Coins clicking, bets popping up on the screen.  Bid goes around the table to me.  It was so fast; I didn’t really have time to process what the cards were telling me.  I simply clicked – – BET.  From the other room Zach questioned, “Mom?!  What could you have?  You bet that much?!  It’s a bluff.”  

Four folds and it was back to me.  I didn’t feel any more comfortable this round making an informed bet.  I raised the bet a few hundred and simply clicked.  Within seconds, cards around the table flipped over and chips, specifically mine, drifted off into the cloud.  

This pattern continued for just another 20 minutes.  Poof, my 2,000 chips vanished into thin air.  I had no clue what was really happening at the virtual table other than I was the first player without chips; defeated, out of the competition practically before it even began.   

I may have lost the poker tournament but I held my own among a bunch of quarantined 20-year olds!  To me, that’s a BIG win!

*At the posting of this slice, Auntie Susan and Auntie Jen were battling Zach for the big win.  Too bad I’ll be fast asleep before the winner is crowned.  





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6 thoughts on “Last One Standing

  1. “I may have lost the poker tournament but I held my own among a bunch of quarantined 20-year olds! To me, that’s a BIG win!”

    I was lost in the sounds, the games, and the time with family feel in this post. As I read, I thought to myself… what a beautiful family moment slice. It wasn’t until I came to that line above that I found myself suddenly pulled back on our planet, where we are living the same quarantined life. I loved that I was lost in this post, especially that it included older children including you.

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