Turn the Filter Higher

I sat down to write this slice three hours ago.  

Three hours ago, I thought I was settling down, unwinding, and wrapping up my day with a slice of life. 

Three hours ago I got a request from a teacher for a teleconference . . . and here I am now, with only forty-five minutes before the midnight deadline and a computer battery of 4%.

At first the teleconference started with a simple question.  The teacher was so anxious about creating her first digital learning lesson.  I get it.  I have been dabbling in creating Facebook Live read alouds.  I was able to talk her off the ledge, at least for tonight, was just about ready to start thinking of my slice when . . .

. . . I received a second teleconference request.  I wasn’t too concerned; this chat would be easy.  Well, not so much.  This teacher was incredibly escalated.  Her role in the district is defined as Family Partnerships and Social & Emotional Learning Support.  However, during this time of digital learning, she was being asked to work  way outside of her ‘lane.’  I finally was able to disconnect from the teleconference,  grabbed myself a cup of hot tea, and settled to think about and compose my twenty-second slice.  Hoping for a little inspiration, I thought, why not scroll through Facebook?

I happened to come across a very distressed post from a colleague who happens to be the district’s Director of Technology.  I repeat, she is the district’s Director of Technology.  As the district is about to launch digital learning, it comes to no surprise that she is feeling quite anxious.  She posted her worries and my heart was aching, practically crying for her.  During a time when so many people’s backpacks are filled beyond capacity, can’t we all just be kind?!  Can’t we all just be compassionate?  Can’t we all just treat each other with respect?  

Dreading what tomorrow will bring, this woman reached out for virtual support.  That she received.  Her friend commented,

You are stronger than you or I ever give ourselves credit for…
It’s good practice
Just turn the filter up higher…
I know you can    

While I have been working to support teachers, families, and students embarking on this journey called “distance learning,” I have also been struggling . . . words have been exchanged; comments that sting.  I have tried really hard to dismiss the comments, knowing that district leaders are barely holding on . . . but when I enter my safe space, I have a much different mindset.  

Facebook stranger Vincent, as I am really dreading what tomorrow will bring, I thank you for advising me to ‘just turn the filter up higher.’  

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3 thoughts on “Turn the Filter Higher

  1. Dear Georgia,

    I love the sincerity of this post – and even a bit of hilarity. You have captured both the anxiety and the reality of leaping into the unknown that so many of us are feeling as we (somewhat reluctantly) delve into this unchartered territory. What I appreciate most is that you are remembering, in spite of the naysayers, to be kind to yourself. I am trying to allow that lesson to soak in.

    In my best efforts to share what was working for me at home with others who may be scrambling, I saw a rather nasty post myself that claimed the said person was, “Sick of these super-teachers posting what was likely a fake representation of what they were really doing.” That was only a fraction of the four paragraph long rant. Ironically, I was crushed by the one negative remark when it was far outweighed by many thank yous, privately and publicly.

    I decided to delete it from my social media and as much as possible from my mind…

    You ARE powerful. You ARE brilliant, all of which I’ve deduced from this simple post – and you are KIND. Please know that you, your team and all who will be positively impacted by your talent, are in my prayers. Despite whatever obstacles may arise, you will get past them.

    Thank you for the gifts that you bring to education. You were meant for such a time as this – and you will undoubtedly impact lives far beyond anything you could ever imagined.

    Cheers to your expected success…

    ~Carla Michelle

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