Stories from the Backseat

Each school day, I greet students and families at student drop off. As cars pull up to the sidewalk, staff members open the car doors and help the children exit their vehicle. This morning, as I greeted my families and welcomed the students, I let their backseats speak to me.

  • “I hope you don’t notice the week’s worth of fast food on the floor. My family was in such a hurry to play the Fortnight, they must have forgotten to remove the trash!”
  • “Come on, sing along with us . . . You’ve got a friend in Me. You’ve got a friend in me. When the road looks rough ahead and you’re miles and miles from your nice warm bed, you just remember what your old pal said . . . Boy, you’ve got a friend in me. What a cheerful way to begin a Tuesday.”
  • “Please remind my driver that in Connecticut, children must ride in a booster seat until they are eight years old AND 60 pounds!”
  • “I agree, Adrian’s mom is always smiling!”
  • “I hope you didn’t just hear the two adults arguing on the phone. I don’t think they realize you can hear their phone conversation through the Bluetooth on the radio.”
  • “Please hurry and close the door. Lily’s dad has to get to the salon for his first client. He is always polite to you, but know he is in such a hurry. Business is just starting to pick up again since last year and he has to be to the shop on time.”
  • “If you think it’s smoky back here, it’s even stuffier when you’re riding in the front. In many states, smoking is prohibited in vehicles transporting children; unfortunately Connecticut isn’t one of those states.”
  • “Blin’s mom says, ‘I love you to the moon and back’ to her son each morning and when he doesn’t respond, she gets very sad.”
  • “Rory’s dog brings him to school every morning so that Rory isn’t scared. Rory really likes when you give his dog a treat every morning.”
  • “Thank you for being so nice to Mikaela this morning. Her dad was not so nice just before you opened the door.”
  • “Samantha was crying because she was hungry. Her dad kept telling her that it was okay because breakfast would be waiting for her in the classroom.”

Welcoming students and families is my favorite part of my job as an assistant principal. So many of the stories that I hear from the backseats each morning point me in the direction of my most important work for the day.

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6 thoughts on “Stories from the Backseat

  1. I LOVE the stories these backseats tell. Moreover, as an aspiring administrator, I’m grateful and inspired that it’s possible to be in administration AND fully keep your roots in the care and feeding of our loveys. Thank you.

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  2. I miss greeting children and opening those back doors. You’re right, it’s such an important part of the day. Although in our line of work every part of the day is arguably important. I like how you personified each backseat. Everyone comes with their own story each morning.

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