Okay with Okay

If I write about not wanting to write, does it count as writing? I can’t seem to string words together to create anything worthy of a day’s slice. Multiple times today, I started to write, but ended up closing the laptop. Tonight, even as the deadline approaches, all I can think of is heading up to bed. Writing is the furthest from my mind; the last thing I want to do. So tonight, I am just going to be okay not to be okay; and I’m even counting it as a slice!

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Wife, Mother, Dog Lover, Elementary Assistant Principal excited to write

11 thoughts on “Okay with Okay

  1. Go ahead, count it. Hey, I would have counted just the graphic. Isn’t that supposed to be worth 1,000 words?

    My solution has been to free write and post whatever results whether or not it makes sense. I try to find a interesting or at least amusing image to go with it.

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  2. I almost made that my post for yesterday, too. Looking back on last year, I wrote about not writing as well. I’m thinking it’s a pretty common theme, maybe, among slicers? We all struggle with what to put out into the world from time to time, I think. Perhaps that’s one of the things that brings solidarity to our community…


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