Morning Chorus

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This morning I got out of bed before dawn, refreshed and motivated to check off at least three things from last week’s ‘Gotta Get It Done Now!’ list.   As I slipped out of bed, I was careful not to wake my husband (he will often use the early morning as an opportunity to enjoy coffee and conversation before the day’s chaos begins).  The house was completely quiet; still.  I grabbed a cup of coffee, opened up my computer, and started reviewing the music lesson from an informal I completed six days ago.  The only light illuminating came from my screen.  Such peace.  

Through the darkness, I could hear soft, beautiful songs.  As the morning brightened the songs were louder, livelier.  

“cheerily, cheer up, cheer up, cheerily, cheer up”

This morning I got out of bed before dawn, refreshed and motivated.  Although I did not check off even one thing from last week’s ‘Gotta Get It Done Now!’ list, I attended the most beautiful morning chorus. 


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7 thoughts on “Morning Chorus

  1. Maybe you should add take time to listen to something beautiful to your list of things to do. There’s value in that. Georgia, I love reading your writing. You sneak meaning into moments in a beautiful way.

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