If You Can’t Be a Champion, Please QUIT

Attending last night’s Board of Education meeting . . . DEFEATED.

Hearing a staff member, who claims to care so much for ‘our’ children, demand that parents speak out against administration who allow students to trash classrooms . . . DISCOURAGED.

Last night, replaying the Vimeo recording . . . DISHEARTENED.

This morning, face to face with the staff member . . . RESENTFUL.

This afternoon, debriefing with Central Office regarding the staff member’s public comments . . . DISPIRITED.

This evening, reading this staff member’s post on social media . . . BEATEN.

Tomorrow, face to face with the staff member . . . FEARLESS.

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Wife, Mother, Dog Lover, Elementary Assistant Principal excited to write

4 thoughts on “If You Can’t Be a Champion, Please QUIT

  1. Goodness, this is an intense slice! I can feel the ups and downs, the anger and the defeat, and finally the strength in your words. I hope whatever is happening, there’s resolution found at some point. I hope you continue to be fearless! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing with us today!


  2. I love how you paired an experience or a moment with an emotion. I hope that the last feeling – fearless – gave rise to more positive and strength filled emotions for you as you deal with this situation.

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