If You Can’t Be a Champion, Please QUIT

Attending last night’s Board of Education meeting . . . DEFEATED. Hearing a staff member, who claims to care so much for ‘our’ children, demand that parents speak out against administration who allow students to trash classrooms . . . DISCOURAGED. Last night, replaying the Vimeo recording . . . DISHEARTENED. This morning, face toContinue reading “If You Can’t Be a Champion, Please QUIT”

There’s Danger in Baking Too Early

One of my most favorite Easter traditions is baking (honestly eating), traditional Lebanese Easter cookies – ka’ik (kah-ck). Normally my family would gather to bake the cookies the week before Easter. This year we baked early. No problem . . . Stored correctly, these cookies would stay fresh until Easter. I was proactive. I packagedContinue reading “There’s Danger in Baking Too Early”